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This Week's Featured Metal Finishing & PDR Tools:

Looking for Body Files?

Both domestic file manufacturers that made essentially all of the files used by North American Auto Manufacturers ceased production about two years ago. All remaining stock including our own is now depleted. We have tested alternatives and have found that Pferd, a German company, makes "bow files" that are of very high quality. These files cut clean, fast, and last a long time. They require a different technique than the older files; use about half the pressure and half of the usual file strokes.


This smooth file works for both steel and aluminum panels. (never use the same file on both metals). It is a medium cut file with 18 teeth per inch.

$39.99 each, sold in boxes of five(5)


This bastard-cut coarse (15 tpi) file works fast. It's very aggressive but can be used for most body panel filing jobs.

$39.99 each, sold in boxes of five(5)

Need PDR Hot Glue Sticks that really work?

There are countless types of hot glue sticks available, and several that are advertised to be "specifically for PDR work." We learned that some of these don't provide an adequate bond with the tab and surface.

To make sure we have the best product available, we worked directly with a glue manufacturer with testing and development.

Our glue sticks tested as having the highest holding power while still providing easy, quick release from the painted surface.

$19.95 for pkg of 10 sticks

Sheet Shine™ Dent Imaging Film

Imaging dents and other imperfections on unpainted body panels has been a hit and miss process. How will the suspect area REALLY look once it's painted?

After two years in development, we're proud to introduce Sheet Shine™ self-adhesive dent imaging film. Stop using messy and expensive liquid highlighters, stoning, or black spray paint.

Sheet Shine, with it's advanced full-release light tack adhesive, has passed every manufacturer's "Crater Test" to which it has been subjected. Click here for additional information.


SS200 - Box of 200 sheets, $135.00

SS1600 - Case of 8 boxes, 1600 sheets total, $949,00

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