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Auto Technician Training Program

Sample Course Outline:
I.   Introduction
     A. Speaker Introductions
     B. "An Imaginary World"
II.  The Reality of Ethanol
     A. Move to alternative fuels, including ethanol
     B. Timeliness of training
III. Ethanol as a Motor Fuel
     A.Ethanol the Chemical
         1.Chemical properties & other Oxygenates
         2.Blends (E10, 20, 85, & 100)
     B. Dispelling the Myths of E10 Ethanol
         1. No effects on fuel components (E-10)
         2. Raises fuel octane rating
         3. Promotes clean injectors & fuel system components
         4. Lowers emissions
         5. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
         6. Recommended by all major auto manufacturers
     C. Ethanol as a Racing Motor Fuel
     D. E85, Flexible Fuel Vehicles, and Component Changes
IV. Other Benefits of Ethanol
     A. Energy Independence
     B. Economic Benefits
     C. Cleaner Environment
V. Invitations to Other Guest Speakers Present
VI. Q&A Session

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